Moving Service

Moving Plan and Services

As a specialized company for moving, we have moving plans based on customer’s frequent request to satisfy our customers. We prepare various moving plans which can be chosen according to customer’s budget and request. As Specialized Moving company. PROROW will deliver better results and peace of mind.

  • Smart Plan

    Smart Plan
    Moving In Low Budget! Packing And Unpacking Will Be Done By Customer. Please Leave The Preparation of Special Materials, Packing and Setting of important furniture To Us.

    We Will Help You

  • Standard Plan

    Standard Plan
    For Sudden Moving Plans Or Your Busy Schedule! We Will Pack And Move Your Goods To Your New Place. You Will Have To Unpack Them At Your Place!

    Lets Do It Together

  • VIP Plan

    VIP Plan
    Leave Everything To Us! We Will Pack, Move And Unpack your Goods At Your New Place.

    Peace Of Mind For YOU

  • Economy Plan

    Economy Plan
    We Will Only Move Big Or Heavy Items. You Can Do Rest Of Yourself! Good For Same Building Move.

    Light On Your Pocket

  • Free-Time/Free-Day Plan

    Free-Time/Free-Day Plan
    We Will Move Your Goods According To Our Schedule. We Will Inform You 2 days Before your Move.

    We Will Co-Operate With You

  • Long Distance Moving

    Long Distance Moving
    Are You Moving Different Region Or Prefecture? No Problem! We Have The Largest Fleet Around Japan!

    To Anywhere/Any Time!

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